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Micro Interactions

There’s rarely a day that goes by for me that I don’t go and buy coffee. The ceremony is the same almost every day. Get dressed, put my phone, keys, and wallet in my pockets. Then I pat each of my pockets to make sure they’re still there before I head down my hallway. Once I’ve travelled in my elevator to the lobby I walk out of the front door, hang a 90 degree turn right and walk about 100 feet into Starbucks.

As an aside, I really wish there was a better option for my morning coffee purchase. But I can’t complain about the 45 seconds it takes me to get from my door to my coffee shop.

So why do I buy coffee every single day? It’s not because I sleep poorly. It’s not because I have a crippling addiction. It’s actually very simple: People.

In the time that I do I a roundtrip from my apartment and back for coffee, I engage in easily a half of a dozen of micro interactions. Half of the...

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Dear Snapchat, disclosing usernames could potentially violate other privacy.

First and foremost, I have not abused and will not abuse what I’m about to write about. This is just some thoughts that I’ve had especially with the recent tragedy at UCSB. This isn’t about fear of rejection or anything to that nature. I’m mostly trying to outline that social apps aren’t always federated in the way some people treat them.

So lets create a situation that actually happens pretty frequently. A guy and a girl end up in a conversation at a bar. At the end of the night when tabs are closed and the guy shudders at the amount of money he just spent on craft beer, he goes to the bathroom to muster the courage to ask for said lady’s number. When he returns he asks the lady he’s just had a great time with for her phone number. Her, having the same good time, obliges and adds it to his phone. Final goodbyes are said and they go their separate ways. No harm, no foul.

But the...

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I Made A Music Video

So out of boredom I decided to make a music video of one of my favorite songs, “Hooray for Beer” by Bowling For Soup. This is the result.

30 minutes of post production. Mostly figuring out how to line up the audio.

But this mostly just shows what a great time of history we have the privilege of living in. I was able to use my phone to record me singing to a delicious bottle of Theobroma by Dogfish Head. In the mean time I had my iPad wirelessly playing Hooray for Beer to my speakers that are hooked up to an Apple TV. Then I downloaded software in 5 minutes to make edits and use the actual audio file. Then I posted it on a website where the entire world can see it.

Living in this time is incredible, remembering that it was denied to many makes me appreciate it even more.

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